October 2, 2006

Mama Beth Mei Tei Carriers

Very simply, I'll make you a baby carrier that is not only more comfortable than that dangly thingie, but is ever so much funkier and cuter (or more manly and tough, depending on what you want!) than most you have ever seen. It is called a "MeiTei," or Asian Baby Carrier.

IN STOCK RIGHT NOW (January 08): Retro Prints, patchwork and polka dots! super cute!

Try A Sports-themed MeiTei!

Want to cheer for your favorite
sports team with your baby by your side? Now available in Atlanta teams and national sports franchises. Dads love 'em! (Thanks to models John and Johanna!)

Below are some pictures of various MamaBeth MeiTei carriers. The carriers consist of a body with four straps, two shorter and two longer. They wrap around the baby and you for a customizable fit, and can be worn on front or back. Instructions included!

Customizing: the body can be in basically any middle-weight fabric that you like, and if you want, I can line it with some fleece or nice fuzzy fabric. The straps are black denim and are very soft.

In these pictures I am carrying my 20 pound son, happily, with very little back strain. He has been "worn" in a Mei Tei since he was around a month old. Babies can be worn from birth on up! Instructions are included with your MeiTei order.

You can also just let me know your favorite colors and a general idea of what you like, and I will select fabrics for your carrier.

I am a mom and do this as a hobby....so give me about a week to make your carrier, please!

Custom-made Mei Tei $35, plus shipping if not in the Atlanta area (shipping is usually around $8.50)
Please email me at bethbirk@gmail.com so we can consult about your carrier. I accept PayPal only for internet orders at this time. If you are local
(Atlanta area), I will also take a personal check.